How To Make Chrome or Gold Graffiti Throw Up on Procreate?

Creating such a design is simple. All we need is the procreate application. Brushes that will well remind you of the spray effect. In this example, I use Dope Fat Cap from Graffiti Dirty Letters 3 and textures that you can download for free.

Below are some free textures to download that we will use in this design.

1. Create the outline of the letters on a separate layer and the fill on a separate layer.
2. Insert a texture that you can download above. between both layers, so the filled layer is at the bottom and the outline is at the top.
3. Use the clipping mask option.

4. Now you can do whatever you think is right… white outline or highlights.

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This Alphabet was also made using this technique.
I wish you success in your creativity.