3d Bundle Graffiti & Wear Models

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3d Bundel Graffiti & Wear Models
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3d Models included in this Set:

3d Graffiti Spots for Procreate .  $27

In this  pack you get:
-Cistern train
– Newsstand
– Bike Place
– An energy booth

* Update New Models
– Paris Metro Train
– Spray Can
– Metal Trash bin
– Billboard
– Streetball playground

* Bonus  ( Metalic Brushes for Procreate) Chrom and Gold effect depending on the color you use

3d Train For Procreate                $19

2 train version  for Bombing

3d T-Shirt for Procreate               $12

3d Hoodie For Procreate             $12

3D Graffiti Walls for Procreate     $19
10 different graffiti wall

3d Baseball Cap For Procreate   $12

Before installing, make sure you have an iPad-updated
to the latest version and you have to procreate the 5.2 version with free 3d models.