3d Bundle Graffiti & Wear Models


3d Bundel Graffiti & Wear Models
Get Bundled, and save money:

3d Models included in this Set:

3d Graffiti Spots for Procreate .  $27

In this  pack you get:
-Cistern train
– Newsstand
– Bike Place
– An energy booth

* Update New Models
– Paris Metro Train
– Spray Can
– Metal Trash bin
– Billboard
– Streetball playground

* Bonus  ( Metalic Brushes for Procreate) Chrom and Gold effect depending on the color you use

3d Train For Procreate                $19

2 train version  for Bombing

3d T-Shirt for Procreate               $12

3d Hoodie For Procreate             $12

3D Graffiti Walls for Procreate     $19
10 different graffiti wall

3d Baseball Cap For Procreate   $12

Before installing, make sure you have an iPad updated
to the latest version and you have to procreate 5.2 version with free 3d models.

USD United States (US) dollar
EUR Euro