Calligraffiti Brush Pack for Procreate- Love Letters 3

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Upgrade Your Digital Arsenal with Calligraffiti Procreate brushes.

  • Create and sell, original digital artwork.
  • These are perfect tools for  Pro Tattoo Artists or Graphic Designers to develop their skills
    and add a bit of  Street Vibe to their Art.
  • Give a lot of fun to any Graffiti Lover or Calligraphy Freaks.
  • Thanks to this package, you will save a lot of time and get straight to creating.
  • This is a Best-selling set, with over 2,500 satisfied customers.
  • Also valued by Top Lettering Artists from around the world.

130 Procreate brushes created by torus1.

  • 18 Calligraphy brushes.
  • 14 Script &  Ditali brushes
  • 7 Marker brushes
  • 15 Brush Pens

  • 12 Drips, Splash & Effects
  • 9 Unique  Spray Fat Caps.
  • 7 Flame Brushes ( Use Orange color)
  • 30 Real texture brushes
  • 18 Grid brushes for lettering.

  • Bonus 2 Practice Sheets ( 2x Alphabets )
  • Super Bonus – 70 Watercolor Brushes for Procreate
  • This is only for 1 device. It may not be used on many devices.
  • All brushes are perfectly designed for the Apple iPad and Apple Pencil.
  • A brush pack made for Procreate version 5.2 If you have a lower version, make updates.

All rights reserved

*This brush set is included in the MEGA PACK 5.0