Love Letters - Calligraffiti Brush Pack for Procreate - TORUS INK

Love Letters – Calligraffiti Brush Pack for Procreate

(15 customer reviews)

22,99 USD$

Discover your creativity with unique Procreate brushes:

  • Create, original digital artworks.
  • Perfect tools for  Pro Tattoo Artists or Graphic Designers who develop their skills.
  • Give a lot of fun to any Graffiti lover or  Writers.
  • Using proven Brushes you can speed up your work!

36 Procreate brushes created by torus1.

  • 20 Calligraphy lettering brushes.
  • 6 Unique  Spray Fat Caps.
  • 10  Splash, drips or ink effect.
  • This is only for 1 device. May not be used on many devices.
  • All brushes are perfectly designed for the Apple iPad and Apple Pencil.
  • A brush pack made for Procreate version 5. If you have lower version, make updates.

All rights reserved

Save 25 % with every added package!

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15 reviews for Love Letters – Calligraffiti Brush Pack for Procreate

  1. Amen w Pacierzu

    Zajebista paczka pędzli . Polecam

  2. Emilia

    Amazing brushes?Recommend

  3. Samer1983

    Great Staff , !!!

  4. Stres outs

    Great Job !!! Best fat cap my homie !!!!??

  5. Gronek

    Super brushe! Fajnie się pracuje No i mega plus za różnorodność. A poza tym mega spoko ziomek który za tym wszystkim stoi! Pozdrawiam

  6. Jay Pawlukowsky

    To be honest with you guys, im in love with all that brushes. Every single one is different and precizious. If you want to get complete pack of brushes, it’s good choice.
    Ps. Cali markers is the Best one i used for ipad. Full recommendation.
    Big up Torus ??

  7. MadKidKaz

    Sick pack. Got everything you need! The Astro fat cap brush is the best you can get (I have tried different ones). Well invested cash. Waiting for more stuff from you my man! ✌?

  8. Zydek

    Gorąco polecam. Pędzle fajnie dopracowane. Czekam na więcej 🙂

  9. december

    He cares about quality and that’s what you need to know!

  10. Ernest

    Quality Brushes, love the markers!

  11. Alex Valerio (verified owner)

    This brush pack is soooo good! I had to get the new dirty pack ??????

  12. Gronek

    Zajebisty secik brushy. Uzywam codziennie ?

  13. Obie The Creator (verified owner)

    Whether you’re new to writing or not…whether you’re experienced with calligraphy or graffiti, Torus1’s got you! These are some clean, beautiful brushes with some amazing affects all by themselves. If you follow Torus’s instagram page and see how cool they look when he’s writing, rest assured that he’s doing nothing extra to them and you’ll get the very same effects! The only limit is your imagination. Shoutout to Torus1 for these awesome packs!

  14. Szejno

    Super Brushes. Excellent job Torus1. Tkank You ???

  15. Przemek (verified owner)

    Good job, nice brush pack Torus ?

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